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Working with this point of view the objective of APA is to produce with the highest quality standards through a environmental concerving production process that reduces to a minimum the environmental impact. The attainment of the international certificates UNI EN ISO 9001 for the quality system and UNI EN ISO 14001 for the environmental system is the confirmation of the sensitivity and commitment of the company . The certificates are not just a label to show to the commercial partners: they represent first of all a further guarantee for the customer about the quality of the product.

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Eventi clienti
5-set-2018 Fiera "Campionaria di Cento" a Cento (FE), dal 5 al 9 Settembre 2018
by Emanuel & Co www.decalmoto.com
30-giu-2018 Evento "Notte bianca" a Comun Nuovo (BG), il 30 Giugno 2018
by Wraplab
8-giu-2018 Evento "Il gelato a... modo mio" ad Agugliano (AN), dal 8 al 10 Giugno 2018
by MC Carrozzeria www.mccarrozzeria.it
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