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Boat Wrapping APA
cut through the ocean on the Discovery Route!

Sergio Frattaruolo, navigator and founder of the Extreme Sail Academy, on board his Class 40 Calaluna fresh from its’ make over, challenges the Atlantic winds looking for a new Italian endeavour.

A great dream, of one to beat the most prestigious record to scour the Atlantic Ocean, on the route marked by Christopher Columbus in 1492: departing from Cadiz, in Spain; arriving at San Salvador, in the Bahamas.

The objective: to cover the 3884 mile route, equivalent to over 7000 km, in less than 19 days and 12 hours.

And for a great dream the right tools are needed: Calaluna has been prepared to sail at the highest speeds in the ocean and face the regatta in the best possible conditions.  In order to achieve this the necessary refitting works have been made in order to guarantee the maximum boat resistance and performance. A group of Italy’s top companies have joined together to support one of the most difficult and prestigious challenges of the oceanic sailing world.  Among the sponsors, a fundamental and perfect synergy being the one between SpecialWrap (www.specialwrap.it), highly specialised in boat wrapping requested all over Italy, and APA Spa, leading manufacturer of adhesive film, who have supplied all the materials for the whole boat decoration.

Class 40 Calaluna, was requested to be unique and distinctive not only under the performance point of view of but also from an aesthetics point of view.  For this reason, the APAWrapFilm (in the black matt effect with the three Italian flag’s colours), have been used.  These are highly technological films with an appreciation for the personalisation of sailing boats or motorboats. Fundamental for the decoration, made at La Spezia last December, the SpecialWrap support, has assured a masterpiece decoration and impeccable results.

Look at the wrapping video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlbUYu7MRYg

APA  and Specialwrap to support a whole Italian challenge!

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