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Donington: good sixth place for David Salom
The Supersport worldchampionship got vivid with the race at Donington. A real battle, with David Salom who placed sixth after a difficult weekend. Many motor problems, forced the Spanish rider to reduce the damages with a keen strategy. Wise tactics, which made David getting points allowing him to occupy the fourth place in the overall ranking.
David Salom: Pellicole adesive APA “Immediately from the first lap I noticed to have problems – confessed Salom – eventhough suffering much, half through the race I concentrated hard and thought how to arrive at the best position possible and to do all I could. At the end after much strains I managed to conquer the 6th place. I know the championship is long and hard, and we still have to improve much, but I am optimistic as I am ranked 4th overall”.
David Salom: Pellicole adesive APA David Salom: Pellicole adesive APA David Salom: Pellicole adesive APA
Guim Roda, manager of the Team Kawasaki Provec Motocard.com, doesn’t throw away the result:
“All that is outside of the podium isn’t good for our goals, but we can only be happy for this sixth place, considering all the various problems we have had in this race. There are races in which the best solution is to fight until the end and hope to arrive at the finish, and this is one of those races. The guys from Parking GO and Parkalgar are smart, so we just have to concentrate to improve and arrive onto the podium, I am confident in this”.

Thus the worldchampionship Supersport remains very open. And Salom will be among the best riders.

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